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    Post  _jo_ on Mon May 02, 2011 1:48 am

    I'm feeling a bit sorry for my little man at the moment. I took him to his first birthday party other than family ones for one of his childcare friends who turned 3. he was so excited and i didn't realise how many friends he has at childcare and they all get along so well. The sad Reality then hit me that once they get to Prep they will be split up cause all the friend at were there (about 6 of them) will all be 3 by June, while Jack isn't 3 till September.
    He doesn't really play with any of the younger kids at childcare, i find he gets along better with the older ones and he already towers over the 3 year olds also.
    I just get told that he'll make new friends etc etc. yeh i guess but how do you get a toddler to understand that. ok i know he won't be a toddler when he's in prep but still it must be hard for a 5 year old to understand why his friends are going to school and he's not aloud to go till next year. esspecially when they've gone through childcare together.

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    Post  stefenia on Mon May 02, 2011 4:11 am

    As a teacher (albeit of senior students) I have never understood the splitting of the year group. Ostensibly it is so that chldren are ready for school - but I really think that should be a parental decision. Parents have always been able to hold back their children if they were born late in the year and were seen to be not ready for school. My daughter was born in October and spent her first year of school in England such that by the time she was 5 she was not only reading fluently but also had reachfed about year 2 level here in Australia. When we came back to Perth she went into year 1 even though she really should have been in year 2 academically. I was worried about her being nearly 2 years younger than many of her classmates - but in the end gave in and put her into year 1 and regretted it ever since. She was bored witless and over the years showed that she got on a lot better with older children. Under today's system she would have had to go into pre-primary - which would have been even worse. It is only now at age 25 that she is ready to pursue tertiary education after only just scraping through high school. This from a child who learned to read on the 3rd day of school (and I mean read everything - it was amazing).

    Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about your son. Just rest assured that he will make new friends and that once at school he can reconnect with his daycare friends. Do make sure that for birthdays these friends continue to be included, even when they are at school and he is not.

    I had a choice and did not pursue the best interests of my child. You don't have that same choice which is a shame as I truly beleive school attendance should depend on readiness to go to school not a birthday. I hope that everything works out for your little one.

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    Post  Meg on Mon May 02, 2011 10:42 am

    Exactly Stephanie,

    My eldest is completing VCE Yr 12 this year. Her DOB is January, I had the choice to defer, but I knew she would be able to cope with older kids, but the second daughters DOB is August and I didnt get the choice with her and I wish I could have deferred her a year.

    I do know that, the kids they played with in kinder etc are now just names to them. As they've grown throughtout the school years, they are meeting different kids with different interests. They will always have the Best friends.

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