The problem with scales


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    The problem with scales Empty The problem with scales

    Post  stefenia on Fri May 13, 2011 6:03 am

    I have had a very annoying couple of weeks with misbehaving scales. My bathroom scales (the fancy kind which remember your last measurement and have fat% etc) decided about 2 weeks ago to weigh me nearly 2 kg over what I thought I was. I was checking and checking and they stayed the same.

    At the same time I was using my Wii fit which meant I was weighing every day - and this scale showed my weight decreasing at a slow but reasonably steady rate. Previously the bathroom and Wii scales had followed one another - so I was very very confused. But hating the extra weight the bathroom scales said I had, I chose to go with the Wii (well who wouldn't).

    Today I weighed myself on the Wii as soon as I got up and I had reached my next mini-goal - felt pretty pleased about that. Decided I would have another go on the bathroom scales - and lo and behold - they were behaving again - 77.7 kg! That means that so far for this week I have lost 600 g and 7 kg overall.

    I will never understand why the bathroom scales go on holidays every now and then - but I am glad they are back to where they should be. I was starting to worry that the Wii scales were leading me astray!

    Anyway - all is right in the land of scales today Lots a Love

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    The problem with scales Empty Re: The problem with scales

    Post  Janene on Mon May 16, 2011 3:05 am

    Steph, I swear someone invented scales to torture women!! hissy Mess with me

    Well I'm glad it sorted for you eventually.

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