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    Spagetti Bol Empty Spagetti Bol

    Post  _jo_ on Tue May 10, 2011 4:39 am

    Last night i made a big Bol cause it's the only thing my baby will eat at the moment...FUSSY!
    She likes to pick out the vegies though...haha 1 year olds a so smart!
    I though this time i will Grate them like you see people do....could i find the grater! NO!

    So i got out my V Slicer and decdided to use that and the Juliene attachment on the finest cut. It looked like Spagetti! haha Like that stupid ad they used to have for 'orange pasta'. Like seriously would you just feed your kids a bowl of carrots with some cheese mixed through????

    Anyways i did carrots & zuchini and put it in when i added the sauce to the mince and let it cook for bout 10mins. It was great!!

    OK it doesn't taste like pasta but it bulks it up like pasta usually would.


    the kids loved it and ate their vegies!

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