Getting over the "blues"


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    Getting over the "blues" Empty Getting over the "blues"

    Post  Janene on Wed May 11, 2011 3:03 am


    We all get them, when you just kind of "give up" or you get disillusioned. A lot of different reasons it happens but I though some collective thoughts and ideas might be nice to see how we all get past those days.

    For me:
    Workout - sounds silly but the boost of energy and endorphins I get from a workout gives me a big kick of motivation
    Skinny Clothes - I usually have a piece of clothing that I want to fit into hanging somewhere...So I pull that out and dream of me fitting into it
    Phone a friend - I often ring my sister - she's doing BT too so we serve as a great distraction when the blues hit.

    Share your own.

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    Getting over the "blues" Empty Re: Getting over the "blues"

    Post  _jo_ on Wed May 11, 2011 3:25 am

    Funny...i was just coming on to write about this kind of thing.

    Last night i had a complete moment where i just gave up and binged all the moment i'm emotional and tired...Def TOM but this is worse than usual.

    I feel so crap this morning and though about just binging again cause of how i felt...ok i'll admit i did go and get a 'real' coffee from the shop and had cereal and a protien shake instead of my usual eggs and fruit. I actually feel like crap now lol i think i'm over it and will stick to the rest of the day.

    I'm finally going to make myself go to the doctors though to get checked out cause i've been feeling run down for way to long now....not even BT has boosted my energy like i hoped it would.

    Anyways I guess i can't really give any advice on things to do cause i always relied on food to get me out of 'blues'.

    I usually go upstairs away from the kitchen and watch tv in my room instead so thats about it. It does help cause i'm then to lazy to go back downstairs again lol

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